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Specialized Project Cable Distributor in South Africa

Versalec Cables stands as a premier electrical cable distribution company in South Africa, boasting offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our strong partnerships with local manufacturers enable us to offer a comprehensive range of electrical cables, catering to various needs. Our product line includes low voltage copper and aluminium PVC/XLPE insulated cables, PILC and XLPE (11kV-33kV) cables, as well as aluminium overhead conductors for line applications and service connection cables.

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Our clientele primarily consists of a select group of electrical contractors and consulting engineering firms involved in electrical reticulation projects and renewable energy projects. At Versalec Cables, we pride ourselves on delivering customised and comprehensive commercial proposals, supported by relevant technical data tailored to the unique requirements of each project. Additionally, we offer assistance to electrical engineering consultants by providing budgetary information for upcoming ventures. To further enhance our service, we provide cable delivery to project sites using our own crane trucks, operated by trained personnel who adhere to the manufacturers' prescribed off-loading and handling techniques.

Versalec Cables is proud to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Voltex, which is in turn a subsidiary of the Bidvest Group. As a testament to our commitment to empowerment, we currently hold a Level 1 BBBEE rating.

With a remarkable 40-year presence as a project division, Versalec has established an exceptional track record. Our team comprises dedicated, hardworking, and experienced professionals who continually strive for service excellence. We aim to instill confidence and trust in both our valued customers and esteemed suppliers.

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